Oh dear Muslims, do not join ISIS or their likes!

A question regarding “Establishing Caliphate”.

Question regarding the Khawarij of Syria and Iraq (ISIS/ISIL) and their crimes. What does Shaykh (حفظه الله) advice us. A wonderful answer given by Ustaz Hammad Billaah (حفظه الله).

Terrorism in Islaam

A question was asked to Ustaz Abu Sa’ada Muhammad Hammad Billaah (حفظه الله) on 11/14/2015 while he was teaching from the book, Lum’at al I’tiqad of Imam Qudamah رحمهم الله, class # 23.

A questioner asked regarding the recent attack by ISIS on Nov. 13th, 2015 in Paris.
Question and answer in Bangla language.

Short and summarized notes from the audios:

  • This current problem has been going on for a while, those who commit these works (crimes) or believe in the ideology in the name of establishing Islaam then these people have been labeled as the khawarij within the ‘Ummah.
  • It has been ordered within the sunnah to fight them (khawarij).
  • Those who commit these works (crimes) are not the defenders of Islaam or have any relationship with Al Islaam.

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